SOLD: Aeolus Blackwood (B-stock)

Price: 1,099
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Selling my Aeolus Blackwood (B-stock) from the ZMF November 2020 sales event. I love Blackwood and had been waiting for a while for ZMF to release this special wood. So when a Blackwood Aeolus showed up I grabbed it for USD 1,299 during the sales event. I received the headphones in January. After an initial exploratory phase, they have mostly been on display behind glass as I find them as beautiful as expected. But I tend to reach for my Verite 90% of the time as I like them better tonality-wise.

Take note that these are B-Stock. Here is what ZMF has to say about their B-stock units: These … will receive full time on the bench to be executed to ZMF standards. B-stock usually means there is a cosmetic imperfection on the headphone.

In the case of the set that I am selling, the cosmetic imperfection is on the left cup. A 0.5 inch long white line and similar wood imperfections around it. I have intentionally taken a direct sunlight shot to exaggerate the visual impact. If these cosmetic irregularities bother you I would suggest you ignore this sale. Sonically the unit is perfect like any regular stock Aeolus and came with the same lifetime warranty on the drivers.



I am interested in your headphones…I am new on this platform (someone on Canada Audiomart recommended this site to me after missing out on their Verite Closed). I guess you just have to audition these headphones via purchase (unless you know someone who already owns one!) and resell what you don’t like (not sure if any of these folks are married, but I digress)…

I have purchased a few items on Audiogon and too many items on eBay (user: got-to-move)…

Would you consider $1,000? I can pay using PayPal or Venmo.


Hi Richard,

I guess I am one of these folks and I am married. My wife has lost count and interest, so I guess that helps :wink:
The advantage is that ZMFs usually hold their value very well. That makes buying and selling a bit less painful. Having said that, 299 off the 1299 is steep for something that has less than 20 hours on it. But it’s the first B-Stock I am selling, so there is that…
The LTD Aeolus (e.g. Blackwood) usually goes for 1699 if I remember correctly. The LTD stabilized even for 1799.

I have no experience selling into Canada. What do I have to expect? If I agree to the 1000 I would ask you to pick up shipping and Paypal. Does that sound fair?

Soundwise I would recommend you getting a Verite and Universal pad. It should get you close to the Verite, soundwise. The Aelous will always be more relaxed though - which sometimes I really appreciate over the Verite. I think it actually does voices better than the Verite and some wood instruments. But for relaxed listening, I still have the Ether 2 and with too many headphones we are getting back to the point above about spouses and such. Lol.

Anyway. Let me know what you think.

FYI guys, best to move this to PMs before you start sending over private information and like addresses and emails! Just wanted to give a heads-up!



I’m in California…How do I PM you on this platform? Looks like replies are sent to all…


Hey Patrick, happy to buy these from you. Please message me for PayPal info. Thanks!

Hi Patrick:

Sounds good to me…I’m in California, not Canada. Please contact me via email:


Thanks Sebastien. Should have mentioned that in my response.

@CrazyRick not sure if PM is enabled for you yet if you just joined but would recommend removing your email from the threat.


I guess that it. Can’t find the private message button for this list. Found it on another. Just respond yes, if we are still doing this and send me a response on the email I listed. Will remove it a bit…But i use it only for things like this…

You just click the user’s name that you want to send a PM to, and then choose the big blue “Message” button. If you don’t see that, you haven’t been participating here long enough to use the private-message system.

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If these are still available let me know. I’m not able to send messages but I can link to other communities where I have trades and I’m located in. US.

These have been sold. Thanks to everyone who showed interest.