What is your top priority item on Black Friday Sale?

I am looking for sizable saving on Raal Sr1a or Abyss 1266 TC on Black Friday Sale.

How about you gentlemen and ladies?


A new lens for my camera :smiley:

But also maybe a new balanced DAC, or flagship closed back.


mostly computer related stuff. Audio wise… maybe a Roon membership fee discount.

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I have more than 20 lenses for my Canon and Sony cameras.

The only lens that I had refrained from buying is 600mm F4 lens for bird photography.

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That day we pack the family into the SUV and head to the outlet stores. My personal priority is one or more pairs of new shoes. :footprints::athletic_shoe::hiking_boot::mans_shoe:


More ZMF Headphones!!


Is ZMF so good?

I had never listened to it myself.

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I recently bought Aeolus, they are wonderful headphones, currently borrowing Verite closed, they are different but also wonderful. Easy to become a ZMF fan when their headphones sound so good.


I forgot to add, Aeolus were the first ZMF I had ever heard, HD800s have been my go to, Aeolus add a closer presentation with the same warmth and definition.


I’ll stay away from the internet and keep my audio budget/money together for a ZMF Aoelous or Auteur until spring, when I finally can audition them


I used to do that when my children were young.

Good old days,

Have fun with your family!


Peace of mind. Appreciate my focal stellia and not spend anymore.


Black Friday may give a good chance to try other ones than Focal.


Don’t tempt me


I recommend you to try out Sr1a if they offer Black Friday sale.

Even without sale, many people found its sound marvelous.

Some people sold Stax 009S after obtaining Sr1a.

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It is easy to waste your money on small gadgets that you may not need during Black Friday Sale.

Thus I have my eyes on only Sr1a or Abyss 1266 TC.

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I imagine the RAAL-requsite owners will have fried their brains by then, and will post them for sale at $999.

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That’s a price that I could buy them at. That size and look…I might be afraid to look at myself in mirror.

I am rather skeptical that the perpetually-backordered Abyss Phi TC are going to be on any kind of sale, ever. When you already can’t keep up with demand, lowering prices is not a smart thing to do.

And those of non-patient persuasion should hop on an SR1a order sooner than later. If my personal messages are any indication, the minute the Jotunheim R ships there’s going to be a big run on the SR1a … (I’m not waiting until then to put in my order for my 2nd pair).


Although I had been impressed with sound out of SR1a and Abyss 1266 at your home, I am not in a rush to get those.

I am still happy with Stax009s driven by KGssv Carbon amp which give very nuanced details.

In addition my 2 channel system give deeper and wider soundstage with excellent details than any headphone.

Another thing is that I will be out of town until middle of December.

I will use Empire Zeus Iem while out of town.

Thus I do not mind waiting 2 or 3 weeks.

But I appreciate your valuable opinion on this.

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