SOLD: Airist R-2R DAC

Price: $350
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling my Airist R-2R DAC in perfect functional and cosmetic condition. I bought two of the R-2R DACs and no longer have a use for the second one.

Kept in a pet, child and smoke free environment.

Includes all original packaging and accessories.

Prices include PayPal fees and shipping.

Effectively, this makes the DAC $300, and avoids a 7-week wait.

Not looking for trades or offers. Must be an active (participating) member* here or have appropriate trader-feedback on Head-Fi/SBAF or other relevant site.


I’m not in the market for an amp, but that’s a very good price for the THX 789 in the current market!

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Effectively it’s MSRP once you factor in fees and shipping … which was apparently enough incentive for it to have already sold! The DAC remains available.

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Both the THX AAA 789 and the R-2R DAC have now been SOLD (under 2 hours total … something of a record for me, I think).


Dammit! This deals are great for me living hear in Europe. I have to keep my eyes open on the For Sale section.


wish i saw this sooner…