SOLD: Ampsandsound Mogwai SE

I am selling my beloved Ampsandsound Mogwai SE. This is the very unit in this review:

My review says it all. I love this amp. It’s sonically and visually gorgeous, and those looking know the craftsmanship and attention behind Justin’s work. I can confidently say, and many many people would agree, that this amp will provide you with many years of late-night headphone bliss. Volume control, amplifier binding posts, and 3 different impedance headphone jacks. For those w/ ZMF headphones, this will take you FAR into the ZMF-A&S combo territory.

Purchased in April 2021. I am the first owner, non-smoking household. No scratches or dings, would conservatively rate as either 8 or 9 condition because of age only. Have original shipping Seahorse case and all the foam, original documentation and power cord. Comes with original GoldLion KT88s and JJ 6SL7 input tube, a NOS 5u3C rectifier, a Sovtek 5AR4 rectifier, as well as an adapter for and a 12AU7 input tube. This amplifier is able to run so many different tube configurations to achieve the sound you want.

Shipping is from Seattle and includes domestic shipping. Paypal F+F preferred (my references on A’gon, Head-Fi, eBay, etc), otherwise please add 3% for Paypal fees. Asking $2350 or best offer.

Thank you for looking.