[SOLD] Audeze LCD-XC 2021, Mint Condition, Creator Package

Price: $800
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere in USA

I purchased these headphones brand new from Audio46 back in August 2020 (receipt available upon request). I am selling them because after spending more time with my DCA Stealth, I ended up preferring them over my LCD-XC 2021.

They are in mint condition, so there are no scratches, dents, etc. anywhere. They’ve gotten about 300 hrs or so of play.

The top of the headband has a small manufacturing defect on one of the holes; it looks like the top leather piece had a mis-punched hole. See the last photo to understand what I mean. It definitely blends in, though, so it’s pretty hard to notice.

Your purchase comes with all original packaging and accessories. I never used the cable that it came bundled with.

Be aware that the screws on the yoke can undo themselves with frequent use of the headphones. If you are going to regularly use them, I recommend using some LocTite (or similar product) or get in the habit of regularly tightening them (once per week) so that they stay in place. This is unfortunately an annoying “feature” of Audeze headphones.

Will ship using either UPS or FedEx. Shipping is $50 to cover the cost of insurance (the item will be fully insured). PayPal or Venmo is acceptable.

I don’t have much of a footprint on this website as a user, but I do have outstanding credibility on eBay (superclover19 on eBay ), so you can buy with confidence.

This photo shows the defect on the headband.


Oooh, nice! Good luck with sale

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You know I’d really like to know how you are enjoying those DCA’s. I have the XC’s, so maybe by private message or on here you could tell me some of the nice changes you are experiencing going from one to the other. I have a feeling the XC’s definitely slam better than the stealth, but then again I’m just guessing. :wink:

Good luck with your sale.


Purchased. Thanks again!

Just incase someone looks back at this thread to see if HardyDaytona is a good seller, HE IS!

I purchased a couple of items from him. My package arrived very safely packed with care. Everything looks like new. Communication was beyond fantastic. I almost don’t want to tell you how great this experience was because I want to be a return customer next time he sells something. Great guy and valued member of Headphones.com forum.

Thank you HardyDaytona!!!


He is a nice guy. Enjoyed talking with him. Also you’ve picked up some incredible gear recently. Has everything arrived yet?
You’re gonna be real happy.
Enjoy the music you shall. :slight_smile:


The Audeze LCD-XC was all that I was hoping for and more. I have been comparing it to Monoprice M1570C side by side without EQ, and even though I really enjoy the M1570C, I find the Audeze LCD-XC more pleasing. The RebelAmp reveals the refined treble that LCD-XC are capable of. The balanced midrange and bass of LCD-XC is superior to the M1570C. The stage and imaging is also nearer and enveloping on the LCD-XC creating a more realistic sense that I am part of or nearer to a performance opposed to the M1570C that clearly sounds like I was listening to a recording that was being reproduced further out in front of me and a tad bit artificial. Right now the LCD-XC is my best performing (and most expensive) closed back headphone but I only have about ten closed back headphones in my collection because I have focused on open back headphones most all of my headphone hobby.

I still have lots of listening to do and then someday I shall have to hear what these two can do equalized.


Great to hear! And it sounds like you have quite a collection! I have one closed and one open :).

One thing I wanted to quickly mention (if I hadn’t already done so) is that the some Audeze headphones have trouble with the two screws that hold the cups to the yoke staying in place. You will want to pay attention to that with these headphones; I found myself tightening the screws about once a week on them. The best solution to the problem is to use Vibra-Tite on the the screws to hold them in place “permanently” (this is what ZMF does with the screws on their headphones), but I never got around to doing that myself. If you don’t do this, the screws can slowly work themselves loose!


My collection is quantity over quality. Nothing in my collection exceeds $1,200.
Thank you for the tip about the screws. I have a new bottle of thread locker that I will try on these.

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Audeze ships new headbands and yoke kits with Loctite so it’s likely what they use and recommend.

So how does the LCD-XC 2021 compare to your LCD-X 2021 and your HE6SE OOI?


Oooh I’d like to hear that impression as well. :slight_smile:

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I shall have to get to more listening and complete some side by side comparisons before I can share anything of value. I am going to make a very inaccurate prediction right now that might be totally off from what I will likely conclude. But I am going to guess that it will be

  1. Hifiman HE6SE V2
  2. Audeze LCD-XC
  3. Audeze LCD-X

I might totally be off on this since I am just starting. But the journey and discovery is where all the fun resides in this hobby. I look forward to sharing my impressions with the forum .