Unknown - Sudden Find Equipment Specials

Audeze Cipher Cable . Latest cable for those want one.

1/2 Price normally $120 Special . $60 . includes free s/h

I couldn’t believe. I was looking for one and “boom” it popped up on Audeze site.
Only qualification is registered account. I own LCD 2s and iSine20s but never registered them. I was eligible for them since I bought a $10 item in the past.

I’m not guaranteeing it, but I suspect you could register a new account and maybe get the special.

Unfortunately it is only directly through their web site:

This would mean Headphone.com would not benefit from Amazon purchase, which I highly suggest to help support expenses for our Community.

I’ll add to this, with a different unit. Once you apply the coupon, the BeyerDynamics T1 Second Edition will be $700. that’s nearly $300 less than the best site i could find.

hopefully i don’t get anyone into trouble by pushing them to buy, before they were ready lol:smiling_imp:

sorry but for some reason it won’t link to the exact spot. you’ll have to scroll down and find them; they were listed about 6 hours ago