Focal Clear Pro for $899 on Adorama

Pretty sweet deal and I much prefer the black over grey


Shows $1499 for me. ? :thinking:


You can get a very good pice buying open box here at


Oh what the heck it was $899 not too long ago :confused:

These Adorama deals with Focal’s headpones is a little odd to me. Is not a couple of open boxes, they do it a lot. :thinking:

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Adorama is an authorized Focal dealer, so I don’t know that Focal would honor warranty claims on purchases from there.

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Maybe it was an open box for a single unit?

I find it a touch odd too. It happens with surprising regularity. Especially with the Elegia it seems. They will sell Clears for under 1K at times.

I believe you are correct, they wont honour warranties for their products purchased from Amazon either from what I recall.

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Adorama must be getting them grey market or something. I’d rather pay a bit more and buy from an authorized dealer. I purchased both my Focal Elegias and Focal Clears from this site.


Adorama is authorized and listed on Focal site. I saw this a few weeks ago on headfi with screen grab.


Thanks. Wonder how they are uncutting the pricing structure as an authorized dealer. Normally dealers are required to set manufacturer based advertised prices. I’ve never dealt with them, but if you can get a good price with a full warranty, that works for me.

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Maybe they have permission from Focal? To saturate the US market and gain market share?

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You are right. I missed that. The Focal website was acting up on me yesterday so I went by second hand internet information which is generally always a mistake. Maybe at some point they weren’t dealers??

Still wonder how they manage the sale prices to regularly be that low?

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Adorama has served as an audio overstock/outlet for several years. I got my HE-560s from them as a Black Friday promo for far below the retail price too. Speculating…manufacturers may use a non-Amazon, non-audio vendor to dispose of overstocked items without disrupting their other sales channels? Or something like that…?


20% off is not a very good deal for a used item, lol.

The price was considerably better than that, but that is something you’d have to negotiate directly with @taronlissimore

An open box item has a full warranty. Could be a return or a demo, Used stuff doesn’t come with a warranty either.

They were not given permission from Focal. That’s why the deal was gone as fast as it was put up. Doing that stuff gets dealers booted by manufacturers and they have been removed in the past.

Probably why only 1 year of warranty was being advertised as well since warranty on the Clear is 3 years.


Well I hope they break the rules just one more time so I can get mine lol.

Luckily for them there’s no evidence of what happened anywhere on the internet, or on this forum… :grin:

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