SOLD: Chord Hugo 2 (Black) - $1,475

Chord Hugo 2 (Black)
Original box, and all original accessories

Price: $1,475
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere (buyer expense)

Exceptional condition Chord Hugo 2, complete with original accessories and original box. The long optical cable no longer has dust caps, but other than that, not a single bit is missing. No functional issues, and no scratches dings or dents to note.

This is still my favorite DAC at its price point, and I’m only selling because I no longer have a use case for it. Since upgrading my main rig to a Chord DAVE, I always found other uses for the Hugo 2 either as the DAC in my 2-channel setup, running my PC audio, or for the occasional trip. I have since decided to drastically simplify my 2-channel setup, don’t run music out of my PC (Hugo 2 is way overkill for work calls), and no longer bring the Hugo 2 with me anywhere, except once a year to CanJam, and that is not enough to justify keeping it around.

I will cover PayPal goods and services fees at my asking price, and buyer pays shipping.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!


This still available? Also is there a remote?