Interconnects: $100-$200 (ish)

I was hoping to turn to the community for experiences on interconnects. I would like to be able to connect my Chord Hugo 2 to either a headphone amp (to be purchased in the future - probably SPL Phonitor X/XE), or to any other external system.

So far, I’ve been eyeing the Chord Company Clearway (MSRP $110 for 0.5M), and the Kimber Kable Timbre ($156 for 0.75M), as both have had solid reviews around the internets. Anyone heard either of these? Other suggestions?

Much thanks!


I use Kimber Kable Hero XLR, and they were pretty awesome (as in transparent) when used with the Hugo TT2 to a Rupert Neve Designs RNHP.

My less ‘fancy’ cables are Mogami studio gold. Those are an excellent studio-grade cable that aren’t as fancy or marketed to “audiophiles”, but they’re a great quality cable that are commonplace in professional studio applications.


Suggestion: avoid 0.5m cables. If you need to repurpose them, they always seem to come up short. 0.75m would be the shortest length cable I would use.


I’ve had my audioquest King Cobras for 5 years now. Absolutely nothing wrong with them. Mind you I bought these used off eBay for 60$.
They retail for 300 for the RCA pair, however there is a sale, my friend.

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I will point you in the direction of Mogami 2549 or Klotz AC110 based cables, both can be found on ebay for cheap with Switchcraft, Amphenol or Neutrik plugs.

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Pangea cables. They’ve had some positive reviews from what I recall. One day I’ll upgrade the amazon basics Im using now.

For my interconnects I use Belden (Mogami is difficult to source here) and Neutrik connectors.

With a soldering iron in hand, interconnects work out at about $5 each. Of course, that is assuming you don’t mind DIY.