SOLD: Dunu SA6 with extra cable

Price: $385 including shipping and PP fees
Currency: USD
Ships to: Any verified PayPal account/address in the USA lower 48

For sale is my very lightly used DUNU SA6. I purchased these from this past fall because I was having neck pain due to a bike accident and thought my Audezes were exacerbating the issue. The SA6s sound great, but I found that I can’t wear IEMs for more than about 30 minutes without some discomfort.

They come from a smoke free home, and I will include the original cable, carrying case, and the alternate connectors for the Dunu cable. I’ll also include an additional lighter weight cable I bought from Linsoul (pictured below). I can also include all the unused ear tips I have, but let me know if you’d prefer not to get those. I will of course discard the ones I did use.

PM me with any questions (or reply to this thread if you don’t have PM privileges yet).