DUNU SA6 MK2 - Official IEM Discussion

DUNU is proud to present a fully evolved SA6 in its entirety with the MK 2. With the feedback of several year of SA6 and Ultra users, this upgrade comes to completion with a welcome non-limited addition to the studio line.

The SA6 takes full advantage of two custom unlidded balances armatures throughout the six present to achieve huge airflow, surging low frequency energy and impact full of feeling, and precise low frequency response. Modified independent mid-high drivers from Knowles create a natural yet vivid mid-high frequency, building off what the SA6 and Ultra were known to excel at. Wrapping out, two modified Knowles UHF units focus on the high to ultra-high frequencies, creating class leading extension and responsiveness with detail. Like the original SA6, the SA6 MK2 offers two different tuning modes – standard and atmospheric immersion. While standard offers an accurate and clear presentation, the atmospheric immersion mode offers a more enhanced low end.

Exquisite and a fully handmade process continue to be an integral part of the production process. The faceplate is made of carefully selected raw wood grain mixed with gold dust resin to create an elegant finish. The shell is a newly upgraded model, creating an even more comfortable and flush fit. Returning is a line of incredible accessories including our Hulk Pro Mini cable with multiple interchangeable connections, a new leather case, and our much-loved S&S tips (yes, with XL now included as requested)!

The SA6 MK 2 will be available in early May at the price of $579 from our direct shop and select retailers. It will be more widely available globally the following month in June.


The SA6 was one of my favorite releases from DUNU a few years ago! Very excited to hear what improvements were made to this updated model!

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I have never had chance to hear the original but the universal praise it it has makes this one very interesting!

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Super stoked to check these out. I like the new look!

I just got my set in and unfortunately, the Dunu SA6 Mk2 is just a like for me. I appreciate the clarity and the non-offensive tonality, but overall, the set is just not very engaging to me. It’s just a little too safe, a little too recessed in the mids and upper mids. It could be the all-BA configuration I’m bumping on. I’m not entirely sure. I should mention for reference that this is my first all-BA set. I have other hybrid sets like the Oracle Mk1 and the Xenns Top, but the SA6 Mk2 leaves me appreciating the DDs and ESTs in those other hybrids. I just prefer a little more energy in my tonality, as it allows for more engagement and emotion. Not sure how to quantify that. Hopefully you guys know what I mean. I would, however, recommend this set for live performers, or anyone who works in live sound, as the SA6 Mk2 is very good at taking complex busy passages of music and making them soft and approachable. I’m going to keep the SA6 Mk2 as my “listen to music while I work” set. I’m curious to read what other owners think. Thanks for reading!


Thanks so much for the excellent write-up! Appreciate your feedback all around. What you’re saying makes sense.

Id love to see a review comparing it to the ultra, since the ultra made such a big splash selling out so quick :slight_smile: