[SOLD] E-Stat Rig FS: Stax SR-009S + Mjolnir Audio KGSSHV Carbon + RME ADI-2 DAC


EDIT: Sold RME ADI-2 DAC & Price Update

EDIT 2: I will consider Trades - Eligible headphones: Verite Open, Verite Closed, Focal Stellia

Price: 6,500
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Up for sale is one of my all-time favorite rigs. It’s the SR-009S, a revised and updated version of the legendary SR-009 Stax Flagship Omega series along with the renowned Spritzer’s KGSSHV Carbon which happens to be one of the best amplifiers on the market to drive these babies in like new condition (and in black). I’m also selling my beloved RME ADI-2 DAC . Everything in mint (tbh it’s like new) condition with no visible blemishes or signs of wear. Both the headphones and the DAC will come on the original packaging, and bonus Stax wooden stand, dust cover and a 6 ft extension cable.

Reason for sale: downsizing my headphone rigs and upgrading my speaker setup.

Asking for $7,500 (for all 3 components) or $6,500 (for headphones + amp) with either PayPal fees or shipping included, buyer gets to choose which one he/she would want to be responsible for. PayPal Friends and Family can also be considered.

My preference is to sell everything as a bundle , but I will consider selling the DAC as a stand-alone unit and the headphone + amp as a separate bundle.

A special case might be considered where the buyer already has an amplifier for the 009S and just need the headphones or already owns the headphones and just need a proper amplifier for them, then the price for each item is listed below:

Headphones: $3,400
KGSSHV Carbon: $3,500
RME ADI-2 DAC: $850

Smoke, pets and child free household.


Excellent deal. Good luck with sale.


Thanks Paul. I need to downsize my head gear and get it more streamlined.


I know these feels :wink: but surprised you are moving on from the RME? what DAC are you using in its place out of curiosity?

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No way, RME is bae…LOL. I still have an ADI-2 Pro on my office rig and Chord Dave + Mscaler and Holo Audio Spring KTE DAC for the home rigs.


Gotcha! That makes sense lol


This is now SOLD!