[SOLD] Eddie Current Studio B (300B)

Eddie Current Studio B (300B)

Asking $3.4k net to me and I’ll cover shipping and insurance (CONUS only)

-This will come with a pair of Full Music 300B tubes.

-A couple of bendix 2C51 input tubes

-Sperry Tung Sol 2C51


-Stock JAN 5670

-Dust cover

Feel free to hit me up with any questions. Thanks!


Amazing piece hopefully this gets pick up soon. What are you replacing this with?

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Thanks, it’s very enjoyable. I have a Stellaris on order. Hopefully I’ll have it in the next couple months.

Congrats on your purchase. DNA amps are awesome and the Stellaris is as good as it will ever gets.


Wow, awesome opportunity for someone to grab an amp that is unobtainium now that EC has retired.

That said, I don’t think you posted this in the right forum - s/b in Buy/Sell, no?

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I don’t believe there’s a buy/sell thread here. I’ve always created a separate post for things like this.

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Or maybe it’s there and my view is just weird? In which case nevermind.

Good luck with the sale either way, someone will be very lucky to get this amp!

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Ah yeah, that’s about the category and the capability to post a for sale item. New members don’t have that capability until a certain level.