SOLD: Fostex TH900 Mk2 (Emerald Green) - $900

Price: $900 SOLD
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

These are now SOLD.

Selling my TH900 Mk2 - in Limited Edition " Emerald Green". Beautiful headphone, but I don’t use closed back cans enough to warrant keeping them.

They are in perfect functional and cosmetic condition, and include all the original packaging and accessories. Pads are barely used as I ran them with ZMF pads most of the time. I’m the original owner and they’ve been kept in a smoke, pet, child and cologne free home.

Not looking for trades or offers. Must be an active (participating) member here or have appropriate trader-feedback on Head-Fi/SBAF or other relevant site.



The exact thought I had.


Were the RAALs so impressive as to ruin you for other headphones? :wink:

Dammit, I’d totally be over this if I had the dosh for it. Green urushi>red>blue, and for as much as I overall prefer the HP-3 to these for general use the TH900 definitely does bass better, and it’s not even subtle about it.

Good luck with the sale, though for this price I’d be surprised if they were still around.


Not so much ruin me … more just render them unnecessary. Though it’s not just the SR1a … it’s the combination of them with the Vérité, the Stellia and the Eikon that’s responsible for most of the culling I’ve been doing.


Price reduced.

The longer this listing stays up, the more agitated I get.

Y’all do know you can tame the treble on these with a few mods, and maybe some EQ, right? Someone please buy this before start finding new homes for my stuff (I’d rather not) :((

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Well, you don’t need to get too agitated, as shipping to the Philippines would be entirely cost-prohibitive on these anyway. Their package is unusually large and heavy for headphones (partly due to the included stand).

Tell me about it. I do have that forwarding service
with multiple stations CONUS (over half a decade using them, no problems… yet), and it’ll be roughly $100 added max if I have the weight and rates right, but even if I did the cash it’d be mostly curiosity and aesthetic purchase/pure basshead satisfaction.

I still stan these, price is great for performance with usual caveats about treble.