SOLD. FS: Sennheiser HD 800 (pre-owned). SOLD


For sale are my 2.5 year old Sennheiser HD 800 headphones. Asking price is $850 USD. They are gently used, and have Dekoni Hybrid Pads installed, as well as Dekoni Nuggets Headband cushions installed. The stock 3 meter cable (single ended 6.3mm/1/4") is in excellent condition. The original box and owners manual are included. The original Sennheiser pads are also included. I have a set of HD 800S, so these are only being used sparingly. Made in Germany.

Also available for an additional $75 is a 4-pin balanced XLR Wywires Red HD 800 headphone cable.

If you have any questions fire me a PM. I’m ducks2007 on USAudio Mart and Agon.

Shipping to the continental United States is included. I’ll also cover any PayPal fees. Thanks for looking.


Nice pics. You’ve just inspired me to get some Dakoni pads for my hd 800’s.


Keep your eyes peeled on They run Dekoni deals from time to time. The Hybrids were nice, but I think I like the Fenestrated Sheepskin even better. Both are great pads.

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Thank you friend.
I will. Things are getting more expensive by the minute, so any discount helps. :wink:

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