SOLD: FS: ZMF Verite Open - Ziricote Wood

Edit: SOLD to a headphone lover locally. Thank you all for your interest!

Price: $2300 obo (I will pay Paypal G&S + Shipping)
Currency: USD, PAYPAL
Ships to: US lower 48

For sale is the LTD Ziricote Wood Verite Open. I took care of them like a baby and clean them with Zach’s recommended wood polish every week, so they look glorious. My house is smoke free and pet free.

What’s included:
ZMF Verite Open - Ziricote LTD Wood
2 pairs of pads: Stock Verite pads and Suede Universe pads
Balanced 4-pin XLR OFC cable (Let me know if you want 1/4" instead)
Seahorse SE430 Case

ZMF Verite Open Ziricote LTD Wood
Extra shots:
Some beautiful photos I took of the Verite
Extra photos

This is an extremely sad day that I have decided to sell my Verite Open. I am in a tough financial situation. I hope they can find a new owner that will enjoy and cherish them.


These are so lovely.

Sorry about the circumstances of the sale, but you’re about to make someone very happy. Hopefully there is an upgraded version in your future!

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I wish these were available before I ordered my Verite Closed :frowning: … good luck with the sale. they look amazing!

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Thank you! One day I will get them again :smiley:

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I was holding on to them for a while before deciding to sell. Thank you!

Sorry to hear you have to get rid of them, I have seen your photography often and always love how great your gear looks. I hope someone can pick these up quickly, and hope you rebound from your situation!

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I’d love to review these one day. This is definitely one of my favorite headphones out there right now.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to purchase them myself at their asking price. I wish you luck with finding a buyer.


Hi @Vincent_Quy, best of luck and i hope your circumstances change soon and you can get back on the merry-go-round.
Best wishes.