SOLD: Grado Red eye rs1-e

I have been back and forth on getting rid of these. But I decided I want a more travel friendly all around headphone.
$325 (USD)
Shipping to US from Chicago area.


Wow - these are beautiful and a great deal. What is the difference between a ‘red eye’ and the RS1e on the Grado website, just the wood type? I’ve been thinking of getting another pair of Grados, any thoughts on the difference between these and the SR225s?

Is this a variant? My RS1e have brown leather on the headband.

It’s the first variant once they switched over from rs1 to rs1e, and it’s how you know the difference between the two models.

Just an older one. I sent it in to Grado labs this summer and they said everything is fine. Even talked to Grado himself


I would be interested if still available.



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Im very interested if there available

Hi ScotSpeed, and welcome to the forum. I don’t think you did that as a reply to @Snareblast, so he might not see it. I’ve called his attention to your interest in this post. (get it, @Snareblast ? look up!)

It’s been a while so we’ll see.


I’m guessing I’m a little too late though?? I’m ready with contact info whenever you’re ready if this deal still exists

Thank you

I bought them from him awhile back.

Ah. Ok. Thanks for replying