SOLD: X Ampsandsound FORGE Tube Amplifier

Price: SOLD
Currency: USD
Version: 32 ohm / 300 ohm
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Shipping: See “Shipping” section below

:rainbow: Welcome to the world of x Ampsandsound FORGE. I love the sound from this amp so much that I went all-in and purchased the Ampsandsound Nautilus to replace it. It’s now time for the FORGE to find a new home.

This FORGE amp has a single RCA input and two headphone outputs, rated at 32ohms and 300ohms. I’ve used the 32ohm output with planars (RAD-0) and the 300ohm output with ZMFs (Verite Closed) and both sound excellent. For more impressions and details from myself and others, see the official FORGE thread or grab a drink and watch this 23 minute interview with Justin Weber, the creator of the amp.

What’s included?

Everything in the photos is included. The FORGE amplifier, the stock JJ tubes, and the recently aquired Tung-Sol tubes.

  • FORGE amp with 32ohm / 300ohm ouputs
  • FORGE power cable (and instructions sheet)
  • Tung-Sol 6SL7GT Tube
  • JJ Electronic 6SL7 Tube
  • 2x Tung-Sol 6L6 STR Tubes
  • 2x JJ Electronic KT88 Tubes
  • Absolutely ginormous hard travel case


Like-new condition, purchased new in June 16, 2021 and I’m the original owner. The stock JJ tubes have been used during most of my ownership. The recently acquired Tung-Sol tubes have about 3 hours on them. There are no marks, dings, or anything cosmetic or functional that differentiates this from a new unit.


Once you have purchased this amp, I will drop off at FedEx same day or next morning (depending on purchase time). The hard case will be packed inside a larger box with bubble wrap by the professionals at FedEx.

I am happy to ship anywhere and I will gladly pay $100 of the shipping costs. I ask that the buyer please pay anything over $100. For a point of reference, this amp would cost about $165 (including insurance) for me to ship to Los Angeles, CA. This would be $65 cost to the buyer. Local pick-up is great as well if you’re anywhere near Denver and want to swing-by to grab it.

Dimensions: 26in x 12in x 18in (approx)
Weight: 33lbs
Location: Denver, CO USA 80202


Darn, if it had been the other version I’d definitely consider.
All the best to your sale!


Did you pick up that used Nautilus that just sold on headfi?


No, I ordered a new one a couple months ago and it was just finished/delivered last week.


Awesome! Definitely a huge step up in sound quality. I tip toed up starting with a Mog SE to a BB and then finally to a Nautilus and it’s a beast!! Huge difference. You are in for a treat

GLWS too.


Thanks man! We’ve got speakers as well, so the ability to drive those was also part of the appeal.

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God damn this is sexxxyyy.
Here I am wondering if I should splurge on the OG :stuck_out_tongue:

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Once you’re already splurging, what’s another few hundos $$$? :laughing:

The Jupiter caps help a lot!! Definitely worth the upgrade

Out of curiosity, does it run on 110V only or dual voltage with 230V as well?

Just 110. Justin would have to specifically wire 230 for you. You wouldn’t save anything purchasing used, send to Justin, pay to rewire and then ship to you