SOLD: HiBy R6 and Oriveti IEM balanced combo

This is a ready-to-go system that combines the HiBy R6 portable DAP and the Oriveti Primacy IEM. The pairing is a complete, portable balanced audio system.

HiBy R6
It’s in really good shape, with a few scuffs on the backside (due to me using it before I got the case). Kit includes original box, warranty card, cables, and case. Purchased directly from AD. (There are a few scuffs on the back which happened prior to the cover arriving. I tried to show in pics.) Included is a BNIB Cayin 3.5mm male-to-3.5mm male interconnect cable (Retail $35). Cable is good for line out to powered speakers or to a portable amp. I’m the original owner.

Oriveti Primacy IEM
I’m the original owner and have had these for a few years. has been They were part of a four-IEM rotation so use is light. The Oriveti’s have great fit options given the numerous ear tip options (see pic). Note, only the ones I’ve not used are included.

Included are two Oriveti cables: a 2.5mm balanced and a 3.5mm SE. There’s also a 2-pin Null Audio 2.5mm balanced cable.

Combined, the R6 with the Oriveti’s and three cables give both single-ended and balanced capabilities.

Now, 2.5mm is not the trend at the moment. But, for a plug-n-play balanced DAP with IEM and 3 cables, is quite affordable.

Both the R6 and Primacy were purchased from ADs. I’m the original owner. Total package is $275US, which includes everything in pics, USPS shipping (insured, signature required), and PP fees. CONUS only. Please note that I’m not a dealer, just like to swap equipment. So, unless not as described, returns will not be accepted.