Hifiman RE2000

Hi Guys,

I thought I would try to contribute a little bit to this community, as all I have really done so far is read. Hifiman is a bit of a controversial brand. Be it poor build quality, insane top of the line pricing, or the materials they use. I had sworn off Hifiman for good after a poor experience with the HE1000V1 build quality wise, but as it happens, I now own both the RE2000, and the Sundara. I also owned the Susvara for a while, but had to sell them sadly.

Anyhow, I’d like to post about the RE2000 because I am smitten with them. They are my favourite in ears yet. If I only focus on the sound quality, not the build, or price, they are really good. Well, at least to my ears they are. The RE2000 now comes in at $1500USD MSRP for the silver version, which is a bit better than the ridiculous $2000 for the gold version. I reckon if you do a bit shopping around and ask nicely, the silver version will be able to be had for around the price of the CA Atlas, or even the Andromeda. With all that being said, I still think the RE2000 are too expensive.

Heres the rub. I prefer the RE2000 to the Atlas, and the Atlas is a really superb IEM. The RE2000 has less steely treble, a bit more balance in the low end, and smoother mids. In terms of sound signature and technicalities, they are indeed pretty close to each other, but I do find the RE2000 is more to my taste.

The bass of the RE2000 is just about right for my ears. I like to bring it up via EQ a couple DB, but that is personal preference and I reckon that for most listeners, it will be just fine in the stock tuning. The bass is less round sounding than the Atlas, and a bit less boomy. It sounds tighter, and has more attack.

The mids are smoother than the Atlas, and a bit more present in the mix. Vocals are presented really well. Thats not to say the RE2000 are a warm earphone, they aren’t, but they do mids well. I like a bit of a V shape in terms of sound signature, especially with earphones.

The treble of the RE2000 is less sibilant than the Atlas. In fact, unless you are really blasting them, there isn’t any real noticeable sibilance. As I said before, the RE2000 seems to have a less “steely” or metallic sounding treble than the Atlas. The treble is a bit raspy sounding on the RE2000 though. I think it will really depend on the listener as to which they would prefer between the Atlas and RE2000.

In terms of soundstage, the RE2000 is more to my preference vs. The Atlas. It is wider, and has a more spacious sound. There is an airy quality to the treble I really enjoy. The Atlas are a fuller sounding earphone however, perhaps due to their increased bass. Detail is pretty much a toss up between the two, with the Atlas having the edge in the bass, and the RE2000 having the edge in the mids and treble.

One thing I was really worried about with the RE2000 was the build quality and materials. The build quality is better than I thought it would be, but it just isn’t….perfect yet. Similar to the Susvara, they lack that last 5% of attention to detail that would really make them stand out. The Atlas beat the RE2000 in every way shape and form in terms of build. The included cable with the RE2000 is a joke. I changed it out pretty quickly. In terms of comfort the RE2000 is ok, its not terrible. I have used more comfortable earphones however. If you have small ears, you might run into some fit issues with the RE2000, so I would definitely recommend giving them a try (if you can) before purchasing a pair.

They aren’t an easy to drive earphone, compared to some others. They are ok out of an iPhone, but not great. I’m not saying a fat amp is necessary, as I just used them on a 9 hour flight out of my iPhone, but they do sound better out of something like the Chord Mojo.

All in all, these earphones are a bit of a conundrum. They sound, to my ears, epic, but they lack the finesse in terms of materials and build quality that something like the CA Atlas has. They are also too expensive at their MSRP. I got my pair for a lot less than MSRP, which was lucky. Anyhow, if you get the chance give them a listen, I think you might be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

I just wanted to post some initial impressions about my RE2000 Silver. These are just really initial impressions that I’m writing up as I’m listening. I used to own the RE2000 gold, and really enjoyed them. I was curious if I could get that sound quality at a cheaper price. Hifiman claims that no tuning changes have been made, the only difference is the Aluminium vs. Brass shell material.

Other people have been saying there is a bit less bass, and a narrower peak in the treble.

To be honest, as I haven’t heard the RE2000 gold in like…3 months? I’m not picking up on the differences, so they must be subtle. They still sound like RE2000’s, for what it is worth.

Compared to the Tin Hifi T2’s I have here currently, its like a thick veil has been lifted. More airy. Just better all around, for me.

The RE2000 just have a really pleasing tonality.

At $2000, the RE2000 gold were over priced. Sounded great, but were over priced. When the Silver version was released at $1500 they were still over priced but getting there. At the current sale price of $799, these are awesome. Well worth the money IMO.


Nice. How do you rate them against the other TOTL iem’s you’ve had. I mean are you going to keep them. What iem’s do you currently use as your everyday ones? Just interested as I know that you’ve got a good deal of experience with iem’s. Thanks.


I hope I’m going to keep them! As long as they don’t set off my tinnitus like the Fourte ended up doing, and I don’t think they will as the Gold version didn’t… I think I’ll definitely be keeping these (never say never though, I suppose…) I mean, if I could afford it I would probably have bought the Tia Trio, as they have a similar tonality to the RE2000, but have a better technicalities. However, $2299USD vs. $800USD is a big difference!

I’m actually not the most experienced with IEMs :slight_smile: But with that being said I have had a few IEMs over time. I think for their current sale price they hold up well against other TOTL IEMs I have heard.

They have a less “steely” timbre than the Atlas if I remember correctly, but it is a trade off as the treble is a tiny bit raspy-er. They have less bass, but better mids than the Vegas. They aren’t as technically competent as the Fourte but so far they aren’t setting off my tinnitus so I can enjoy them more.

I think at $1500 for the silver or $2000 for the gold they have a lot of competition, but getting into the sub $1000 arena at their $800 sale price from Hifiman, there are less options on the market to go up against them, so they make an argument for being a very good buy. The IEMs that I have tried that remind me of them the most in terms of sound signature is the Tia Trio. The Trio is the better IEM, but there is a big price difference. Though, with the Trio you would get better comfort and build quality, as well as technicalities that are better so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The RE2000 Silver are just a really easy IEM to listen to. It is a very pleasing tonality, for my ears. They don’t have a neutral “reference” tuning, as it is a bit more v shaped, but the mids are really nicely done and have a kind of smooth, liquid nature. They lack in terms of build quality and materials, and have a weird fit which makes tip selection important for comfort. I’ve found Spinfits work best so far, but I am using a medium vs. my usual small size.

The RE2000 Silver are now my everyday IEMs, but up until yesterday, the Tin Hifi T2’s were, and have been for the last 3 (?) months.

I have a pair of Tin Hifi T3’s on the way courtesy of @antdroid for a full review over at www.headphonesnstuff.blog and I’ll be doing a short comparison review of those vs. the T2’s which I’ll post here when I receive them. I will have comparisons to both the T2 and T3 in the RE2000 Silver review as well, but I need a couple weeks to listen to them before I write that up :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for taking the time to give such a complete answer. I have seen you around over the last 12 month and more and noticed that you’d had some rather nice iem’s. I have followed your thoughts on iem’s and headphones and found them to be spot on. I also have some T2 but the pro’s and find them not too bad if not a little too hot in the treble. And that’s saying something coming from me. Anyway have a good day.:grin:


Didn’t the silver editions just come out like 3 or 4 months ago or something? And they’re already on sale for a bit more than half price?


No problem!

Supposedly the T2 Pros do have a bit more treble than the original, and the T3 is an improvement over both. We shall see, I suppose. I’ll report back!

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