Sold: iBasso DX320 MAX Titanium w/ Valentinum Leather Case

Price: $2300
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere

For sale, lightly used DX320 Max with Serial #101! Purchased a few months ago from headphones dot com. Comes with extra usb-to-12V power cables and the wonderful Valentinum leather case.

I travel a lot for work and stuff, so this is really not super practical right now for me. It is a fantastic sounding DAP though! Legitimately good sounding. Great resolution, layering, and warm euphonic sound.

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Normally you can just send a direct private message to the user. That said, I will have to let you know because this unit actually ended up with a faulty battery. iBasso has sent me a new one to replace it with so I will be getting it soon and figure out if I want to keep or not, or if its in sellable condition (if it does not work, Ill have to get it repaired).

Hello, did you ever sell this unit and get it repaired? I would be so happy to get my hands on one of these lower than MSRP.

Hi, I got new battery and installed it but it still was not working. I just sent it back to iBasso to repair it for me. Hopefully I’ll get it back soon and it’s working again! Then I’ll decide what to do next.

I didn’t want to sell it in its condition since I didn’t know if it was working or not correctly.

Okay thanks for sharing and being honest! Yeah I honestly am only interested in it because it feels future proofed with the ability to swap out the battery, which I don’t think any other portable player has the ability to

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I’ve had the DX320 Max back for a month or so now and it works great again. Sounds fantastic and no more battery issues. I’ve been debating whether to keep this or sell it, but have decided to re-list it again.

This time, it’ll come with spare batteries and a knob that they sent.

Lowered Price.