New travel buddies Cascade and iFi nano idsd le

Got the iFi for cheap, so couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear a different DAC. I’ll be gifting it to a budding audiophile friend once I’m done with it! Because I like hurting my friends wallets…I’m a good/bad friend lol


Not great at powering the CA Cascade, it could use some more oomph. But the DAC is exponentially better than the Pixel2 XL DAC. I also have coming in the mail the Razer DAC dongle for Android phones, so that will be a fun comparison to do with stock and this DAC. It is a cool little unit though.

Can I be your friend???LOL What model is it?

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Nano IDSD LE I believe it goes for $140 on amazon, but can be had for much cheaper used. Of course friend! But this piece of gear is spoken for :wink: lol

I have an idea coming down the road that I’ll talk to @torq, @taronlissimore, and @andrew about a community gear program. But I need to talk to them about it first. Gentleman I’ll try and get a PM to you tomorrow afternoon/evening with the idea. I have a busy day tomorrow but I’ll try and set a reminder to send out the message. =)

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