SOLD: iFi Zen Dac V1 Price Drop $85


Price: $85
Currency: USD via PayPal
Ships to: US Lower 48 via UPS with insurance and signature required

I’m selling this lightly used IFI Zen Dac V1, which was a fantastic addition to the Sundaras I bought a year ago. I’ve since upgraded to the much more expensive Signature, which is my only reason for selling. These iFi Amp/Dacs are the perfect devices for headphones that especially benefit from a bass shelf. I will include a USB Cable and a power supply (though the power supply is only necessary if you don’t want to draw power from your audio device).

As stated above, for $85, I will ship this to you via UPS Ground with insurance, and I can get it to the UPS store the same day we complete the deal if the store is still open. Let me know if you have any questions.


Bump for a price drop.

Bump for another price drop.

Is this still available??

It is. DM me if your interested

I probably sound dumb, but how do u dm someone here? Im new to this site and i cant figure it out lol

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You have to reach a certain trust level before you are able to send a DM but the OP should be able to DM you.

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