SOLD: is a BNIB Cayin Iha-6 amplifier. It is still sealed in its plastic wrap

Cayin IHA-6 balanced headphone amplifier. I just received this as a replacement under warranty for my broken one. This is a brand new amp. Not a repair and not a refurbished unit. This is a great sounding amplifier that puts out up to 7w +7w at 32 ohm. The amp was even on the inner fidelity wall of fame. I have posted features and specs on the bottom of the page

$579 OBO. Buyer pays shipping based on location and insurance. I will cover the PayPal fees. Retail on this unit is $699
I will add in the Cayin XLR cables (last image) that are the perfect length and stiffness for a DAC and AMP stack for $100 OBO, retail is $200

I wil ship to most countries in Europe or Asia, Australia, etc…just ask and we can work something out.

Message me some questions! I am happy too answer. It is a great amp but I simply need the the money to start rebuilding my set up

Let me know! I am located in Northern California. Please no trades

Thanks so much

Background of i-Series

The i-series is Cayin’s lifestyle solution to modern music lovers. It stands for minimal design, flexible function, premium quality and a total solution to personal audio. To start with, we have introduced the iDAC-6 Audio D/A converter and iHA-6 Headphone Amplifier. More models will be added to this series later on so please stay tuned

iDAC-6 is a dedicated desktop DAC with an interesting dual output stage that offers versatile tonal characteristic for different applications. iHA-6 is a solid-state headphone amplifier with an innovative current adjustment to accommodate different headphone impedance/sensitivity characteristic. When stacked together, iDAC-6 and iHA-6 become a fully balanced headfi system at a less than 10”x10” footprint.

Design Highlight

 Quadruple amplifier circuit with full discrete components and fully-balanced circuit design.

 Independent power supply to Left and Right channel, reduce power interference in left and right channel.

 Innovative Current and Gain control to maxima the compatibility with high or low impedance dynamic headphones and the latest planar headphones.

 Two sets of audio inputs: one for RCA single-end and one for XLR balanced audio.

 Four sets of headphone outputs: two sets of 6.3mm (High/Low impedance) TRS, 1 set of twin 3-pins XLR (balanced) and 1 set of 4-pins XLR (balanced).

 Fashionable design, compact and minimal, can easily blend into SOHO or household environment.

Key Features

 Push-pull amplification design with high power ultra-low on-resistance power MOSFET at power amplification stage, offers excellent dynamic performance.

 Toshiba audio-grade FET were used in differential input circuit, to ensure common-mode noise and high quality audio performance

 Premium grade ALPS 4 channel rotary potentiometer imported from Japan directly, durable, reliable and reputable audio quality.

 Extensive protection to amplifier and headphone through comprehensive protection circuit including output DC offset voltage, delay mute when power up, and noise compensation when power down.

 In-house designed premium grade toroidal transformer with low magnetic leakage and high power efficiency.

 High capacitance filter capacitors were used (in excess of 40000uF)

 Solid chassis with aluminum alloy and sand blast finishing, can eliminate exterior interference effectively.


Power Rating:

  • Single-Ended Headphone: 1100mW+1100mW (High Current, RMS,RL=32Ω) 2200mW+2200mW (Low Current, RMS,RL=32Ω)

  • Balanced Headphone: 5000mW+5000mW (High Current, RMS,RL=32Ω) 7000mW+7000mW (Low Current, RMS,RL=32Ω)

Frequency Respond: 10Hz~80kHz (-0.5dB)

THD+N: ≤0.02%(1kHz, RL=32Ω)

S/N: Single-Ended Headphone : ≥105dB (A weighted) Balanced Headphone : ≥110dB (A weighted)

Input Sensitivity: 620mV(High Current, High Gain)

Headphone Output: 6.35mm TRS x 2
Dual 3pins XLR (Balanced) 4 pins XLR (Balanced)

Max. Power Consumption: 30W

Dimension: 240mm x 252mm x 69mm (LxDxH)

Weight: Approx. 3.8kg

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It’s been a while, but is this still available?


Sorry, but this was sold a while ago. Looks like they never marked it as sold. I will let them know.

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