SOLD: Lampizator Golden Atlantic TRP2 w/ Volume Control

Price: $6500 OBO
Currency: USD
Ships to: US, Canada

For your consideration, my Lampizator Golden Atlantic TRP2!

This is an upgraded Atlantic DAC which includes the JL USB module and higher-end “golden” components. These tend to be harder to get now as Lampi has trouble sourcing their copper tops and internal components. A Copper Top, WBT back sockets, premium power supply capacitors, and better tubes name a few of the Golden’s upgrades.

This unit also has the optional volume control which is much better than most amps and pre-amps that I’ve tried.

HAS WARRANTY LEFT! Great for trade ins and upgrades. Rated a conservative 8/10 as there are a few cosmetic scratches on the top and corner.

TRP means “Tube Roller’s Paradise” as there are roughly 1 bagillion tubes this works with.

Buyer will receive:

  • DAC
  • Stock tubes
  • GL KT77s (my favorite all arounders and a great starting point for rolling)
  • Remote
  • Stacore footers
  • Custom Flight Case
  • All paper work and goodies

Happy to answer any questions!