SOLD: Linear Tube Audio (LTA) MZ3 Headphone Amp & Preamp - $2,675

Linear Tube Audio (LTA) MZ3 Headphone Amp & Preamp

Price: $2,675 + Shipping (PayPal fees covered by me)
Current MSRP: $3,700
Currency: USD
Ships to: US & Canada (or anywhere else with 120V AC power)
Shipping Cost Estimate: Use 21lb box w/ dimensions 19" x 19" x 19" from Exton, PA + insurance. Buyer may choose how much of the value to insure, but I strongly suggest the full value. I will not cover shipping issues. Ships in original box which will then be additionally double-boxed.


  • MZ3 Amplifier w/ Linear Power Supply (comes with the amp factory direct from LTA)
  • 4-pin umbilical power cord
  • Stock power cord
  • Stock tubes

LTA MZ3 Manufacturer Website

About the listing:
I purchased this amp from the original owner in early July, who in turn had owned the amp for 18 months. It arrived in impeccable condition, and I have taken care to keep it that way. The amp functions flawlessly, and is in near mint cosmetic shape. You may find flecks of dust on the feet or in a screw hole that would not have been there from the factory, but that’s about it. I will give the entire unit a once-over with a micro fiber cloth before being packaged.

The sonic characteristics that the amp most excels at are (1) incredibly black background, (2) exceptional clarity, (3) great instrument separation, (4) impeccable control, and (5) even handling of the entire frequency range. The build quality is very sturdy, and is compact enough to fit conveniently into most setups. I like this amp very much, but in a hobby where preferences vary widely, I find that another amp I own (which is also much more expensive) fits my own sonic goals a tad more. If I were willing to keep two high-end amps, this would be one of them. However, I am trying to remain disciplined and stick to only one tube amp, and hence, this one will be sent to bring joy to its new owner.

Interested parties are welcome and encouraged to send me a PM with any questions.



Amp has SOLD. Have a lovely weekend, all!