SOLD: Liquid Carbon X (SOLD) and Cavalli Tube Hybrid (SOLD)

Price: $210
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling both my Massdrop x Cavalli Liquid Carbon X and Cavalli Tube Hybrid amplifiers. I have enjoyed listening to them, but primarily purchased them for reference in my reviews of more closely-price-matched gear, and no longer require them.

They’re both in perfect cosmetic and functional condition, essentially burn-in hours only usage, and will be shipped in their complete original packaging.

  • Cavalli Tube Hybrid - $160 [SOLD]
  • Cavalli Liquid Carbon X - $210 [SOLD]

The Airist Audio R-2R DAC is NOT included (nor available for purchase)!

Price includes PayPal fees and shipping (insured, signature required).

Must have appropriate presence here and/or trader feedback on Head-Fi, SBAF, Audiogon, USAM etc.


Boo! :frowning:


So this needs an appropriate DAC?

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Yep, they are both just amplifiers.

They are not the versions with a built-in SDAC.

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I don’t need another amp. I don’t need another amp. I don’t need… another… amp.

No. No more amps. Glws

Willpower for the win!

$190 for the Carbon, and I’ll take… NO! Nevermind. Damnit.

I don’t need another amp. This is your fault @Torq!


Either of these plus a DAC would be great starter for you! I would recommend the Tube hybrid, but either are great options…then with the money saved look at getting a nice DAC


AAhhh! Too soon! Be strong, my soul! You can wait a little longer!



These are both now SOLD!

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