SOLD Pearl White ESX900 (TH900 MK2)

Ships to:USA ONLY

Hi all,

Up for sale is a Pearl White TH900 MK2 (Serial Number 8) modded to the ESX900. Includes all packaging/accessories. This is for bassheads and fixes the bitingly sharp treble of the TH900 Pearl White. Used for less than 50 hours. Please see FR Curves and pics of the unit below. I also have a Lavricable Grand 20, Pure Silver with 4.4mm Termination for $150 bundled.

$250 cable separate.

Shipping: FREE CONUS

Stock TH900 Pearl White FR

ESX900 (these headphones)



That’s a gorgeous pair of headphones.

How did you find the tuning to be prior to the mod?

Also, If you’ve heard the stock TH900, how was the tuning different?


Thanks for the message. I found the stock tuning too sharp in the treble, sibilant to my ears. I would have to avoid certain songs or turn the volume down at times. It was hard to genuinely enjoy the headphones and didn’t get much joy out of it, aside from looking at the beautiful ear cups. In fact, I owned a red TH900MK2, and sold it for that reason.

The white TH900MK2 was even more sibilant to me, I assume its because the Anniversary Tuning is more even and tunes down the bass. The ESX900 mod smoothes out the treble considerably, adds more bass and makes any song a pleasure to listen to. I can crank up the volume and enjoy the music without a worry.

There are some impressions of ESX900 here (the modder’s name is E_Schaaf)


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