*SOLD* - Price Drop - FS: Beyerdynamic T90 Headphones

Price $199 + shipping to USA!
US Dollars
Ship to anywhere in the USA.
Split shipping, approx $20.
So total would be $219.

Selling my Beyer T90’s . Only owner, smoke free home.
Excellent condition.
Just put new earpads on them.

Paypal to friend.

Selling to thin the heard… :>)


In case you youngsters need a review:

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Deal Pending will post if sold.


These headphones are SOLD.

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Hurray!!! Hahah I was worried your were going to have to do another price drop.



I wsnt going to go any lower…I would have just kept them.

I bought them several years ago for $470 +/- and they still look and play like new. It was quite a change from Audeze LCD2’s!!

Now to sell some more stuff…trying to figure out if I want HD800s or ZMF etc…

Choices, choices !!




What cans do you have now?

Focal Clears, my go to cans…
Beyer DT1350’s, the best protable cans I have ever heard…
Senn HD600…love the sound but just lacking in soundstage,thus thinking of the 800’s
Been thru Grados 325is, AKG 701/2. LCD2’s, Audio Technica MSR7’s, ATH M50’s, HiFi Man Anandas…

Going thru the community program to test, but this takes a long time…

Looking for that Focal Clear tonality with wider soundstage…I think!

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Very cool! Looking forward to your findings.