Beyerdynamics DT 1350 Pro Closed Back Headphones - Portable


I havent seen anything about these headphones on the site…so I have had these for a few years and wanted to share my experience with them

Heres a link to a review I read back then:

Tylls review of them and there going up on the wall of fame made me look at thses and I eventually bought a pair and still have them. They are a portable supra-aural type of headphones that sit “on” your ears…and takes awhile to get used to. The sweet spot is found after abit of adjusting them on your ears. Some find this hard to do, I dont, and they are quite comfortable to me…but very different feeling over the normal over the ear headphones for sure.

You can read the details in Tyll’s review, they are very flexible and rotate nicely!

When I got these back a few years I had AKG 701’s Grado 325is, LCD 2’s, T90s in house and it was neat to compare these to them, and I might add they are all gone except for the DT 1350’s!! IMO they are indeed special Beyers…

There is a lot of Beyer hate out there, the high end treble area seems to drive some folks over the top!! LOL! I comimg from the darker sound of early LCD2’s when I first heard T90s it was like WOW the veil is gone, things are indeed bright and clear…since then I have learned that they are indeed abit bright and there are many other choices out there…but the DT 1350’s seem not to have that treble issue IMO.

I like to say the 1350’s are mini bass cannons! Not really bloated just simply amazing a small set of drivers can produce such bass in amplitude that feels and sounds like you there…well almost.


I tried these with a new back then Schiit Vahalla 2 in the low gain setting and heard Regina Spectre’s Fidelity with its opening "Shake It UP: and bass notes…wham !!! Absolutely amazing that these little cans could reproduce this bass with authority!!

They also pair very well with Schiits Jotenheim. Listening to them right now with the Jot on low gain.


The pads are a soft and plush feeling to me, I never get that warm or hot feeling after a few hours.

Being small the soundstage is not a wide as other headphones, but when cranked up abit its again a very nice presentation…very acceptable.

Spoiler: They’re the best supra-aural, sealed headphones I’ve heard. Maybe I’ll just post that." - Tyll Hertsens

I am not going to post all the specs, you can read them at Innerfidelity and watch Tyll’s video…

These headphones punch way beyond their price point!!! OMG good.

If your looking for a poratable set of can, you should really try these!

All the Best!


Nice review Alex!

Thanks for sharing your experience with these headphones!


Your welcome…been listening this am with these for 2+ hours and dont want to take them off…these little guys are simply amazing…they will tear up those Koss Porta pros!! (lol!!)…



Great review Alex. Never tried these but they seem very good.



I just ordered a set of earpads from the UK!!

It was cheaper to get them from over the pond than directly from Beyer here in the USA! was the place I found the Beyer Original replacement pads…



Thanks for the info Alex.

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