Sold Quicksilver Headphone Amp w/upgraded Caps

Price: 900
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

I’m selling my much loved Quicksilver amp. It’s a fantastic amp in excellent condition. The coupling caps are upgraded with V-caps Odams. It has EI EL84 power tubes that only have around 30-40 hours on them and it still has the stock 12AX7B input tubes. There are a couple of dead spots in the volume pot there were there when I got it. They are just single points in the rotation that are dead so it’s not a big deal but I want full disclosure. Its a great sounding amp and pairs very very well with ZMFs and other dynamics. It also does well with the planars that I have tried it with. I honestly think its one of the best amps for the price that you can get. I do have the original box and packing materials.

I’m only selling because I moved up in amps.

My asking price includes paypal fees but I will discount for friends and family an prefer it given the tax reporting changes this year. Shipping will be on the buyer.



A nice sounding amp and when I had one on loan it worked great with my HD800s.


"but I will discount for friends and family "

Yeah, that strips the buyer of much need protections. Nobody should seek such a discount.


I keep hearing these amps are pretty special and a bargain for the price. I’m in the queue for a new one from Quicksilver. Number 12 on their list pending their getting necessary parts.

Curious who else has heard these amps.


I had one for about 6 months or so, and I only sold it because I upgraded to an Eddie Current Studio B - the QS is astonishingly good for the money (I particularly liked the synergy it had with my Utopias) - hard to believe he sells it for about $1000 new. Simple, easy to use, works great - some fortunate soul will be making a good purchase!!


A lot of people on this forum have done business with @rustyrat and would likely be comfortable using F&F.
I do it myself with certain members here.
Also he’s not requiring it, just offering it as an alternative.


I own a Quicksilver amp and it is a great sounding amp won’t sell mine until I receive my DNA stratus amp and maybe not.