SOLD: Schitt Bifrost MultiBit Gen5 + Ok My Dest Deal! :>)

Selling my Bifrost 1 Multibit with Gen 5 USB and a special Unison USB board.
Price: $299 for members!
US Dollars
USA Sales Only

Serious Offers Only.

You pay shipping.

Alex :grinning:

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Not too familiar with their lineup. For starters, what would MSRP amount to on this combo? And its age? Are sales made on the headphone site or off-site (via emails?) This is my first time engaging with a seller. Any thing else I may be missing?

Buy/sell/trade listings here are simply an online version of a classified ad. The actual transaction is an entirely private affair that you need to work out directly with the buyer/seller. Usually this would be initiated via a private message, though that’s up to you.

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The Bifrost Multibit with USB Gen 5 board used to sell for $599. It was replaced with an all-new unit, the “Bifrost 2”, last year.

From memory, I think the original Bifrost Multibit was released in 2015.

Presumably the Unison Board is a pre-production board, as it is not yet available separately for the original Bifrost model.

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FINAL PRICE DROP - $299 plus shipping

The new Bifrost 2 is a $699 multibit dac, with the Unison USB interface.

Mine is the Bifrost 1 that costs $599 and I purchased it in 2017. It came with the USB 2.0 and I upgraded it to the Gen 5 soon after it was available.

The Bifrost 1 is supposed to have a Unison upgrade available according to Schit in Jan 2020. I dont know the price but would assume $100 - $150 approx based on previous upgrades. It may also require you to send the unit back to them.

I was fortunate enough to get a beta Unison board with the ship level firmware several months earlier and have been using it as my primary reference DAC everyday now. Its an excellent DAC.

So my price includes both the Gen 5 board and the Beta Unison board. It is installed by me presently.
If you want to buy it I will send as is or I will install the Gen 5 board if you do not want this.

Price I think for approx the same performance (IMO) is $299 vs $699… a $400 delta. You decide.


Note: I have sold many items at and have a positive sellers rating. The transaction is via Paypal. Shippng is the lowest cost from me to your location usually USPS. I just sold a set ot T1’s to a fellow in California and it cost $28 with insurance and takes 5 days transit.

$299 final price bump for members only.
You pay shipping.