SOLD: Shure SE535 IEM - $225

Price: $225
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere

  • Shure SE 535 IEM
  • Brand new (in box) stock cable to replace the one I used for years
  • Carrying case
  • Original tips, only one of which I ever used
  • No original box
  • Domestic shipping and PayPal fee included in price (international shipping paid by buyer)

I bought these in 2017, and am the only owner. I used to use them in the office and on the go, but I don’t think I’ve used them more than once (just to test them) since the pandemic started. The only part that had become worn was the cable, and I have gone ahead and bought a brand new stock cable for the next owner. Happy to answer any additional questions!


Nice Radio. Looks something like the Westinghouse in my kitchen, but clearly not the same model. Please supply details, and if it still runs on tubes. Have you swapped the speaker for one with a permanent magnet?

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This may be heresy, but I don’t even have it plugged in. It’s theoretically restored and works (indeed, with tubes), but I just have it there as a decorative element :slight_smile:

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Bumping w/ price drop from $280 to $225


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