SOLD Singxer SDA 2 C NOS DSD DAC with headphone and pre amp

$550.00 USD
Ships to: USA
Powerful Headphone Amp and NOS Dac for DSD. NOS enabled for DSD to allow your own filters and modulators for HQPlayer, etc…Upgraded Clocks

Reviews and info…da-2-dac-and-headphone-amplifier-review.9525/

It also serves as a pre amp, balanced and single ended, fully discrete.
USB solution provided by Singxer is highly regarded with their well know DDC’s.
optical, spdif, AES, USB and HDMI I2S inputs which can be adapted with switches on the bottom of the amp.
I used this with HQPlayer, upsampling all music to DSD 512. Sonnet Morpheus was calling though and I fell under the spell.

headphone output
30Ω 3480mW
75Ω 1640mW
150Ω 920mW
300Ω 440mW
600Ω 220mW

There is very little out there, dynamic or planar, that this won’t drive.
Very nice all in one .

9 lbs 6 0z shipping from 33134 16" x 12" x 10 " at cost


“Brawny Expressive” What a lovely descriptor, I feel I immediately know what you mean by that, and reading through your thoughts my assumption on it’s meaning was correct! Nicely put together

Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to know that at least sometimes people understand my ramblings. :smile: