Sold, sold, sold

Selling a mint condition Goldplanar GL2000 double magnet version. It will come with all original accessories and an extra pair of Brainwavz XL Gel earpads. It has a small modification. I removed the stock, felt tuning rings underneath the earpads. They’re very flimsy and move around when you try to change the earpads. I put an external felt tuning filter on the outside part of the earpads that sit inside the earcups, exactly the way Mr. Speakers uses his tuning filters. If you don’t like the sound of the mod, all you have to do is remove the felt liners which will take you about 2 seconds. You can see the white, felt liners in the pics.

Anyway, I’m asking for $399 and all shipping and PayPal fees are on me. I also only ship via FedEx or UPS. I will only pay for shipping within the continental US.


These have sold. Thanks for the interest!