SOLD: SPL Phonitor XE

Price: $1400
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Considering selling the Phonitor XE in order to fund nicer speakers. I’m stuck in lower mid-fi with them and listen to them a fair amount, then use IEMs most of the rest of the time.

My wife would cut the brakes on my car if I bought nice speakers while keeping this unless I spend the next year saving up… and I’m impatient.

If I can get a good price from a buyer on this, I’ll probably let it go.

It’s silver, by the way. Original box, condition looks mint.

Listing here for a bit first while I ponder if I’m really looking to sell it.


Great price! GLWS, Sorry to see you leave it behind, but I think based on what you have written here and other places the RME probably does everything you would want/need at this time anyhow!

I still think the Phonitor X/XE is for me the current champ of Solid States, so I’m sure especially at this price it will move along quickly!

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Good luck with the sale ! Might’ve bought if the amp was black instead of silver … it needs to match with my RME :grin:

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This is my endgame setup but alas don’t currently have the cash but good luck with everything.

It’s a beautiful piece but next to that RME display, I get easily distracted.

Great deal! I assume that’s the XE without the DAC attachment?


Yeah, no DAC. Still not certain I’ll sell it. I’ve never heard a better solid state amp for headphones but I do want nicer speakers.