SOLD: Technics SP10mk2 parts, SME 3009 mk III tonearm, accessories

I am parting out my dad’s Technics SP-10 mk2 turntable. This was his main rig system for 30+ years and has been custom crated by a hifi shipper in the past 10 years, and I recently unpacked everything and cleaned it up. Each item is as follows, willing to negotiate if multiple items are purchased together. Will packaged very well, but shipping at the buyer’s expense (USPS, Fedex Ground, Fedex Intl, etc).

  1. SME 3009 series III tonearm + two series III carrying arms + accessories

If you’re looking at this then you know what it is. Well known superbly-engineered musical tonearm reviewed by many audiophile magazines. Smooth motion without any mechanical issues; cosmetically I’d give this a 6/10 due to some light corrosion on the metal base which is noticeable depending on the lighting condition but does not affect its performance (see photos). Comes with all original packaging and certificate, the phono cables/grounding cable, as well as the SME FD200 fluid dampening system plus extra lift arm.

I also have 2 series III carrying arms as well. All 3 arms have different cartridges mounted but are of uncertain quality; I assume the buyer will mount their own cartridge. One of the arms is missing the outer SME cardboard box (see photo), but all will be double boxed and well packaged.

Asking $975 OBO for the complete tonearm system plus the FD200 (currently on Ebay I see these listed for >$1300 used together) and $250 OBO for each carrying arm. If someone buys all of this above together I’ll sell it for $1350.

  1. Technics SH-10B3 obsidian plinth for SP-10 mk II and dust cover

Huge upgrade for the SP-10 turntable with this block of polished obsidian mounted on a rosewood base and rubber feet. Light scuff marks along the front lip of the plinth due to the dust cover, and in front of the arm plate (see photos) which is only visible in some lighting conditions. Dust cover is clear without any cracks. Comes with two “U-shaped” metal brackets inside the arm cutout to mount the arm panel. Will ship well packaged given this weight.

Asking $775 OBO.

  1. Arm panels for SH-10B3

Two arm panels in rosewood. One is drilled for the SME 3009 above and has some corrosion along its edge, but mechanically 100%. The other looks practically new without any blemishes but is drilled for an unknown arm (EPA-100?). Asking $100 for the first and $150 for the second. Prefer to sell together with items #1 or #2 above.

  1. Technics SP-10 mk 2 and parts

I am parting out the SP-10 mk 2. I have the operational base unit, transport plate, platter, rubber mat, power supply unit, and the wired remote. It spins up and runs and is silent in operation, lights still turn on, but the speed is incorrect and probably the issue is in the PSU; the braking system is also loud but can be disabled. The metal surfaces have some corrosion (see photos). Will sell individual parts or together. Will entertain all fair offers.

Thanks for looking. Happy to answer any questions. I’m located in the Seattle region. Prices are in USD. PP fees not included.

All sold. Thanks for everyone’s interest.