Sold trade Matrix X-Sabre Pro MQA

Price: 1250.00
Currency: U.S. via paypal invoice
Ships to: U.S. to confirmed paypal addresses
This is in excellent condition, box and materials that it originally came with. I’ve used it with the A&S Mogwai SE, Bigger Ben and Nautilus along with ZMF Eikon, Verite Open and Verite Closed. I’ve used my ipad via usb with usbe signal regenerator streaming Qobuz. Firmware is update to date and set to 115. It’s an excellent pair with the above equipment. I decided to move to the Matrix Element X to combine my streaming and add a non tube amp that I can use when I need a simple headphone amp and I don’t mind silver. This dac has been describe as neutral and I don’t think it really colors the music I’ve used it with both dac and pre amp. I didn’t hear the difference between the two. The pre amp allows you to control your amp volume via the remote control. The remote control is very easy to use, well construction, well thought out in my opinion. I’ve enjoyed the Matrix products so far and that’s the reason why I’m continuing to use them. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks


Dropping the price as I’ve seen them on sale for 2k. Reasonable offers accepted. I hate to see a good dac collecting dust.

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Opening this up to trade to establish reputation in this or other forums. Preferred trade of headphones in the same price range, 1500 to 2k. Prefer newer versions. If you were curious what one of the best sabre dacs sounds like and have a headphone that doesn’t get used, maybe this is a good opportunity


That is a really great price. If i wasn’t paying off a few things…

Unfortunately sold, already missing the space on my desk. Let’s see how long the Yggy lasts. Reminds me of driving on the freeway and everyone drives the largest vehicle they can to get to the same destination 15 miles or more over the speed limit… Part of me is already looking for the next adventure…

Chord is calling your name… :wink:

Ya, that would be another jump off a bridge in another direction. I’ve thought about it… It is small.

Small, built-in amp (if Hugo 2), sounds awesome. :wink:

I am pretty happy with the Decware for an amp for everything I do right now. Just need to figure out if I can get over the giant yggy on my desk and my amp 1/3 of the size. My subconscious continues to want to try the Decware Taboo with the Decware CSP-3 which of course I currently own… So keeping the dac under 2k which the Matrix did and small. Everything changes like the weather… If the Taboo happens over the next year (with the current wait period), then I’ll be out of desk space.