Sold - Tubes - NOS Matched Pair - Raytheon 7728

Hi All,

I have a NOS matched pair of some killer tubes, the Raytheon 7728, which is equivalent to the 12AT7/ECC81 and is a super tube designed to last longer than normal tubes. This tube is known for it’s transparent sound and huge soundstage with super accurate imaging. I am only selling because I have 3 other pairs (they are that good). These tubes have been tested for noise and microphonics and are dead silent. This tube would be amazing in the ZMF Pendant, or any amp that can use 12AT7/ECC81 tubes. I have them listed half off what they normally sell for.

Raytheon 7728 NOS matched pair - $100 with shipping and PayPal fees included. Only selling within U.S.

Thanks for looking,



Sold. Thanks for looking.