What’s in the box **Tubed Edition**

All the way from Russia 6H12C


Old news by about a month, but in the spirit of getting things rolling…

NOS Sylvania 6SN7W from 1945


I’ll put my 2 cents in, got these in yesterday and added socket extensions. (pain to get tubes out of the mjolnir)


Thought I’d post here also to spark this thread up. Anybody else get some tubes in this week?


Are you buying up the supply to raise the prices on these tubes, to them sell them for a profit? :rofl:
I love tubes, can’t keep up with your weekly hauls.


Haha! Yea, I gotta stop soon. I have a few left I really want and then I’m set. For the ones I have I’m set pretty much and I think I found the last ones I need already and just wait for my paycheck to pay for them.


So what is left?
And for your next post you should do a group pic for bragging rights. Ask folks to try to identify them for shits and giggles.


422a is my last rectifier I want. Found one and will get it next week. Would like to get a back up U52

Power tubes: a better matched pair of 2399. (which I have two pairs on hold for me)
Another Bendix NOS pair(have one on hold for me)

Driver tube: a few L63’s Marconi, 6J5, and a few others.


I’m an SET fan. My favorite tubes for my 2A3 amp are from EAT (European Audio Technology but are no longer available. I picked up a 300B integrated amp and had a head phone jack installed. Anyone have recommendations for 300B tubes?

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What breed of dog is that?

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Just got a couple of 12au7 tubes from Brent Jessee:
Phillips made by Mullard
Miniwatt made by Mazda

I don’t have a sexy dead dog rug like @Earmuffs but so my dirty mouse pad will have to do.


I, too got some goodies from Brent Jesse this week :slight_smile:

Mullard 12AU7
Amperex 6BQ5 x 2


Damn, did you use that mouse pad as a doggie comb. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@prfallon69 sorry, can’t think of a witty response but it is a comfy blanket and now everytime I look at it the thing reminds me of an Irish Greyhound.


It used to belong to my teenage son, and he gave it to me when he got a new XL one for his gaming, so I don’t even want to think what he might have used it for.

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@andris, I wonder if your 1962 Mullard sounds exactly the same as my 1961 “made by Mullard”. One day, we should do a tube swap, as you suggested. I’m a bit nervous about doing that with mega-expensive tubes but these should be fine.

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Definitely. Like you said, these aren’t that expensive (relative to some of the crazy NOS stuff, anyway), so not the end of the world if something happens. Brent said to let these burn in for about 48 hours, so I’ll get them to that, but after they’re nice and toasted, let’s do some swapping.

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Picked up these dudes for my Eddie Current build. Mesh Plate!


Nice. I love the fact Emission Lab stands by their product by offering a 5 year guarantee.

Speaking of… I need to register these. Thanks for the reminder!

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