[SOLD]: Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies (2nd Gen) with Original Tubes Plus New-in-Box/Unused Upgrade Tubes

Price: $700 ($560 for Amp/DAC + $140 for new-in-box/unused upgrade tubes = $700)
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental US

I’ve listed this Amp/DAC Combo plus New Tubes on Audiogon. Was unsure if posting a direct link to the listing there violated ToS here, so I’ve currently opted not to. If interested, just go to audiogon and search for: “Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies (2nd Gen)”. Plenty more pictures (that you can zoom-in on), etc. I pay for shipping. Here’s the Audiogon description:

Woo Audio WA7 “Fireflies” (2nd Gen) DAC/Amp combo. Amp is pure tube Class-A, single-ended topology. Features built-in USB ESS Sabre Reference Digital-to-Analog Converter (ES9018K2M) @ 32-bit/384 kHz Playback. One full watt of power makes it capable of driving most power hungry headphones. Comes complete with (heavy) solid block of Glass.
Purchased ‘New’ by me 2 years ago (one owner). Unit and Power Supply are very clean with zero visible scratches, marks or blemishes. Only ever used in a pet, smoke and shoes-free home. Includes absolutely all packaging and everything that came with the unit originally, including the 4 rubber ‘spacers’ for the glass (which are often lost). Reason for selling is I’ve just recently upgraded to a more expensive/higher-end Woo Headphone system.

Also included:

  1. In addition to the stock Russian made SOVTEK 6C45 tube pair, also included are a matched pair of “Electro Harmonix C645Pi Gold-Pin” upgrade tubes ($140 for the pair new). These upgrade tubes are BRAND NEW in-the-box, never used (this can be verified with any tube tester). The stock tubes are the only tubes ever used with this unit, which are well broken-in and should still have plenty of life in them.
  2. Power Cable is normally not included with this unit, but I’m throwing-in a basic one that’s compatible just for the buyer to have something to get started with. Will work fine as a permanent solution if buyer decides not to upgrade.
  3. Pair of White Anti-Static Nylon Gloves (normally not included) (see images). From day one I’ve only ever used these gloves for handling the amp itself and especially for handling the glass. Prevents fingerprinting and keeps everything very clean.

Price new: $999.00 + $140.00 = $1139.00 (this total not factoring-in Power Cable & Gloves). Selling Price: $560 for Amp/DAC + $140 for new-in-box tubes = $700

** Special note on installing tubes: With the orientation of the tube’s base in proper relation to the amp’s socket, press the tube STRAIGHT DOWN with as LITTLE ‘ROCKING’ BACK-AND-FORTH AS POSSIBLE. ‘Rocking’ the tube while installing can stretch-out/warp the socket’s metal linings effectively compromising the pins’ connection and conductivity. Also as many tubes were manufactured decades ago, any identifying paint (tube manufacturer, model number, etc) printed on the jacket (glass tube part) is frequently brittle and deteriorated. As such, it can be prone to rubbing-off very easily. Best to avoid touching any painted/printed areas whenever possible.


I’ve always been envious of people that have Woo stuff on their desk. I don’t know what it sounds like, but hells bells is it pretty. Good luck with the sale!


The WA7 as a pure amp is rather linear and transparent sounding compared to other tubes but it has enough of a small change that I prefer it over a transparent solid state while still retaining much of a clean sound.

I think the WA7 is absolutely stunning in photos and in person. It’s got modern and industrial looks that are really great, and pleasant for others in the household. :slight_smile:


I stare at these beauties and try to say “it’s just the looks, resist the pretty woman”


Do you think it would have that tube magic to drive my 6XX cans better than my SMSL THX200? I keep reading about great tube amps really making the 6XX sound stage and detail retrieval better…


IMO ‘yes’, and IMO only slightly.

I personally have a passion for tube gear, but hearing is of course a very subjective thing. Here’s a good article on tubes called: “Why tubes sound better”, but again, it’s all subjective, we all hear different.

Funny you should mention SMSL, I recently purchased the new “SMSL SP200 THX AAA 888” to replace my old Headroom “Little”. I’ve learned through the years to always have a Solid State amp on hand in addition to my main tube amp to serve as a ‘back-up’, and for non-critical listening. Though I will say the SMSL is proving to be super accurate and quite formidable in its own right.

The headphones I currently own are HifiMan Arya, Audioquest Nighthawk and Sennheiser HD 650’s. To my ears, the WA7 is slightly more musical and warmer sounding than the SMSL, which itself is a little more analytical sounding. Again, to my ears. This difference is more obvious on my Arya’s and less so on my HD 650’s. Whether or not the WA7 would have the “tube magic” impact on your Drop 6XX headphones to your ears or not, I can’t say.

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Thanks everyone for your comments=)

Sold the unit on Audiogon!