SOLD: ZMF Aeolus LTD Cocobolo

Price: $1250
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA, lower 48
I’m streamlining my headphone collection and have decided to let my Cocobolo Aeolus go. They’re a beautiful set and come with untreated copper grills and rods meant to patina over time. The package includes the following:

Lambskin Universe Perforated pads
Suede Universe Perforated pads
Stock 3.5mm cable with 6.35mm adapter
Owner’s card

Price is $1250 shipped in US (lower 48). If paying with PayPal goods and services, please add 3% to the price to cover the fees.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking,


These are handsome. Glws!

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I already own an ltd-wood Aeolus, or I’d be all over this one. It’s a beauty.

Nice to see the universe perforated suedes offered with the headphone. In my experience those are easily the best of 3 earpads ZMF recommends for this headphone.

IMO this seller is a solid citizen whose posts (& equipment journey) I enjoy, here and on 2 other headphone sites.

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I also prefer the Suede Universe pads on the Aeolus. Thanks for the kind words!

Congrats on the sale CK. Shocked that the Auteur hasn’t sold yet.

One down one to go. Hope you get what you’re looking for!

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I appreciate it! My only hypothesis is that the market is a bit flooded with used ZMF’s at the moment. My Blackwood Auteur is such a unique grain pattern with a lighter brown color than most other Blackwood ZMF’s I’ve seen. It really is amazing they haven’t sold yet.

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