SOLD: ZMF Vérité Closed LTD (Stabilized Maple Burl)

Price: $2,750
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling my ZMF Vérité Closed backs, finished in a purple/gold Stabilized Maple Burl with a charcoal finish magnesium chassis and untreated copper rods.

Never thought I would sell these, but I haven’t listened to a closed back headphone in at least 18 months and can’t see me doing so in the future, either.

I am the original owner, these are serial number 001.

They are in perfect cosmetic and functional condition, and have been kept in a smoke, pet, cologne and child-free home.

Includes all original accessories including warranty/ownership card, 5ft cable, and both original sets of pads (Universe and Auteur, both lambskin, both unperforated). The pads are barely used, as I have multiple sets of ZMF pads and tended to listen with my “broken in” sets.

Price includes PayPal fees and fully-insured shipping.

Better pictures when I get a chance, but it’s the purple set that are for sale (I sold the blue/green ones a while back).


These have now SOLD.

Sorry to see them go … I have a definite attachment to these that is more than just how they sound. But … at least now they’ll be getting used again, and they’re too good a headphone to just have sitting doing nothing.

Still my favorite closed-back.