SOLD: ZMF Verite Closed Olive $2250

Well, it seems Verite is not for me. At the end of the day I prefer a little shading of the truth.:sunglasses:

So I’m putting my VC’s up for sale. These are LTD Olive wood. They come with wood case and solid Lambskin Auteur and Universe pads and stock ZMF SE

Selling for $2250 (or…?) and I will pay shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees.

FWIW: these seem to be the ones shown on the ZMF website. Celebrity VC?!


Just curious…how long have you been listening to them?

I was a little underwhelmed as well but I pushed through and gave them a lot of passive play time…now I love em!

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I’ve had them for about a month and listened a lot of hours (I’m retired).

I used to have the Aeolus and loved them so I think I’ll go back to those.


I was a candidate to buy these had they not already sold.

I am curious if you could provide more details about what you didn’t like? Or maybe examples of what you did or didn’t?

What else have you tried?

I have been thinking about pulling the trigger new for a while. Just trying to get pushed into or our of it.

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It’s not really that I didn’t like them, it’s more that they aren’t my cup of tea.

They are extremely fast and revealing - just too much information for me if that makes sense?

I prefer the Aeolus or the RAD-0.


ooooh, fast and revealing! I might love these. Take if off baby, take it alllll off!


Hard to beat the Aeolus for musicality especially if it’s connected to some badass tubes!

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Dayum, how did I miss this!