SOLD: ZMF Vérité (Pheasantwood)

Price: $2,395
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA (CONUS)

These are SOLD.

And they will be replaced with another pair of Vérité as soon as I find an available set in the form I want.

Original Listing

Looking to trade, or sell, my LTD edition, pheasantwood , ZMF Vérité. I have two pairs of Vérité, one pheasantwood and one ziricote, in two different rigs, and would (slightly) prefer having both sets be ziricote (more an aesthetic than sonic preference).

My desire/intent is to trade my pheasantwood set for another set of ziricote Vérité with a $350 addition on my part .

As long as ZMF have the Vérité in ziricote available (just 2 pairs remaining as of 7/3), I am open to simply selling these and ordering a new set. Once there are no more ziricote models available from ZMF this becomes a trade-only deal.

These are pictures of my actual pair (see full review here):




The Verite Ziricote is no longer on the site :frowning:

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Of course …

But … a quick chat with Zach and I think I have another plan, so I’m going to pull these for now and do something a little different (though the end result will still be that I have two pairs of Vérité).

Hope everything goes the way you intended! :smiley:

I showed this to a couple folks overseas and they were envious of the pheasantwood.

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It’ll work out one way or another and … really … how bad could it be? The worst case is that I’d still I have the two gorgeous pairs of Vérité I have now!

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These are now SOLD!

To be replaced with another pair (I still have, and am keeping, my Ziricote version).