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Here are the measurements:

B&K 5128


EQ Profile:

Sony MDR-MV1 Review:


that’s suprisingly decent at ~$300 in Japan atm, I’d be fine with it with just a high shelf.

Yeah the 6khz and up brightness does get to me with this one. Not hard to EQ though.

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As tiresome as “How does it compare to…” questions are, I was expecting it to be compared to the RØDE NTH100 since they seem substantially similar in most ways except price and open versus closed.
Obviously comparing the charts is subject to some significant systematic error.

PS. ¼" to ⅛" adapter. Sonyheiser?

Listened to Sony MDR-MV1 $400 today, no EQ. As expected and as with most Sony headphones, the experience was very enjoyable. Started by amplifying them from a Singxer SA-1. Moved to plugging into Quicksilver and RSA The Raptor reaping notable scaled improvement.

Next, I A/B compared to HifiMan Sundara, both with no EQ. The $300 Sundara spanked the $400 Sony.

Finally, I A/B compared to Sennheiser HD600, both with no EQ. The $300 HD600 also spanked the $400 Sony.

While the highs are prominent in the Sony MDR-MV1, they are comparatively unrefined next to the treble reproduced from either of the two legendary established headphones in the mix. Unfortunately, this contributed to a narrowing of the perceived sound stage and a reduced sense of envelopment compared to its counterparts. I don’t know if or how my opinion might change once I get around to equalization.
Sony MDR-MV1 sounds great and is a keeper for me. However, at the moment I am finding it hard to justify Sony’s $400 price tag when there are $300 headphones able to bring a greater amount of sweet sounding joy to my ears.


I just impulsively bought the MDR-MV1 yesterday and got it today. I also bought this cheap 4.4mm cable ( and it seems to work just great with my DAP.

I was a little concerned with the treble peak, but I’ve tried to put on some of my brightest test tracks and I haven’t been bothered by it at all. It’s clearly more defined in the treble range, but not sibilant or harsh for my ears. I tried tracks from Norah Jones, Fleetwood Mac, Rhianna, and some EDM stuff and it didn’t bother me.

The bass is quite big for an open-back and I was surprised to hear good subbass quantity on this headphone.

My favorite part is just how amazingly light and comfortable these are! It’s 220 grams and suede pads! oh man. I wish all my headphones were this light and comfy! It is even more comfortable than my beloved HD600, and much lighter than my Susvara!

Anyway, not a huge fan of the build quality, but if you wanna make it light, you gotta compromise here and there. The “Professional” stickers are also not aligned very well, but I may end up taking those off I decide to keep these (which it seems I will…)

Obligatory graphs I measured tonight: Audio Discourse - Headphones Graph Database

Here’s some select comparisons:


I have had the MDR-MV1 for about a week now and I am still surprised I am enjoying them so much. They are just tuned nicely balanced and are comfortable as all I can be. I guess, because, I’ve been wearing them so long during the work-week that I do find the pads can get a little warm due to the material after a bit of use. I did try the Brainwavz Leather pads on these and they kind of ruined the mid-range a bit, and increased bass levels. It’s more V-Shaped, although it does help with comfort even more!