Sony MDR-V6 Mods

I had originally modded these by replacing the curly cord with a 3.5mm jack so I can then use the V-Moda boom mic which is astoundingly good for how little it costs.

After more than 10 years the headband was starting to flake the “black dandruff” and unfortunately the extra padding velour memory foam pads were falling apart and the vendor no longer sells them.

I found this headband on eBay, it’s similar to the ATH-M50 one, I’m not sure if it’s just that or if it’s been modded for Sony. The great thing with this is the cable runs inside it, so no more getting that snagged. The pads are Yaxis that I’ve been wanting to try for years, I’m impressed with them so far, they are thinner but have a larger earcup. We’ll see how they break in.

I also had them laser printed with our show name and my name on the other side to hopefully reduce the chance of them getting “borrowed.”