Sony mdr z7 + aftermarket kimber cable

Price:* 450
Currency: USD
Ships to: North America (Free with Tracking Insurance & PayPal fees)+ Europe (Shipping costs Applicable. PayPal fees will go billed to me. )

Selling my (Like New) SONY MDR Z7 (MK1).
The MDR Z7 was Sony’s comeback into the audiophile market for headphones in 2014. They use orthodynamic technology with a whopping size of 70mm for their toroidal shape-like drivers. Gives the Z7’s a unique Bass presentation with decent slam.

Z7’s come with all manufactured packaging and cables. I am of course throwing in the 4 Ft (1.2 meter) aftermarket Single-ended Ray Kimber cable as well, which uses an 8-core wire Braid with OFC build material and construction. One small caveat is that the inner and outer packaging box had occurred some light damage, but still highly manageable and acceptable for shipping and storage capabilities.

The Headphones themselves as I said are in like new condition, babied and have received minimal use over a 5-year span. Buyer will be able to tell by the condition of the pads and overall cosmetics of the headphone, which are in absolutely terrific condition I might add. No need to change the pads as a suggestion.

The Z7’s in my listening experience have decent scalability and compatibility. At 70 Ohms this headphone will sound terrific out of todays DAPs, especially for power requirements.

All in all, these wonderfully made Japanese headphones are gonna be hard to say goodbye to, especially for the ease of use and portability, but it is a simple matter of freeing up funds.

I can be PM’d here for any further questions. Hopefully my pictures cover all the answers, but still feel free to reach out to me if needed.

Thank you for your time, inquiries and interest.

“The Nephilim. “

Price drop. Labor Day sale. 390.$ USD.