Soul Music Discussion

1967 Original Version

2017 Remastered with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

I really loved this version as well as 67 version


@pennstac . I forgot that version, even though I own it. He was great. Also the slide show included is great.

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I feel like just another academically oriented cracker that can listen and talk their way around soul, but really doesn’t get soul. I heard enough in high school and college, and listened my way through Delta Blues. Sure, I’m old enough to remember when Lead Belly recordings became available, and Robert Johnson and Mississippi Fred McDowell became known. And I know Do-Wop, the Temptations and Persuasions.

Later, I was a big fan of Parliament and Funkadelic.

I listened to Percy Sledge and Al Green, Marvin Gaye, the Stylistics. Smoky Robinson and Gladys Knight.

But I always get the feeling that I do not grok in totality.
Oh yeah, I know I was a bad boy to put several covers of Heard it Through the Grapevine in my links.

Back in the day I was more of a soul/jazz/fusion listener. From Herbie Hancock to the Jazz Crusaders.

It’s interesting how we all come from different walks of life and different experiences. I was born and raised in Newark NJ where soul was alive. I remember going down to the comic book rack (I sure wish I’d kept that Superman 1 . 25 cent comic book) and seeing all kinds of other magazines. I can’t remember the exact magazine. I think it was Billboard. All the soul artist of the time had their lyrics and we would try to remember them . My friends and I would be out on the streets singing acappella harmony. Those were awesome days I hope I always remember.

It was before the British Invasion took root. Jazz and Classical were too cultured for a run around streets guy like me. For me it was. That left soul for me and I’m glad it did because…

" Everywhere, around the world they’ll be dancing, dancing in the street…

Wherever I went everyone was singing it and wanting to be just like the soulful artists of the time. No doubt it wasn’t sophisticated, but it was happy, loving, soulful times and even at nearly 70 yrs old I still love them.


Really great watch…not sure if it belongs in this thread but I highly recommend watching it as soon as you can.


A True Legend . Definitely will watch

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Man, Jazz is the streets - just after dark and huddling in a cozy place.

I definitely love jazz. I listen to it all the time. It simply was not in that time of my life.