Speakers for Sale in Brooklyn, NY

Price: various
Currency: USD
Ships to: PICKUP ONLY (Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Selling the following pairs of speakers. All of them are functionally as good as new:
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

  1. IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors
    $255 (open to offers/trades)
    -Ultra-Compact 3"
    -active speakers
    -neutral frequency response
    -Studio Monitors
    -45 Hz - 20 kHz

  2. Sony SSCS5
    $100 (open to offers/trades)
    -bright/neutral frequency response
    -3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker System
    -requires speaker amplifier / stereo receiver
    -best in small room or paired with subwoofer

  3. Jamo S 803 Black
    $150 (open to offers/trades)
    -passive speaker
    -v shaped frequency response

  4. Triangle Borea BR03
    $450 (open to offers/trades)
    -neutral frequency response
    -passive speakers
    -requires speaker amplifier / stereo receiver
    -solid low end


Please pm me when you are selling any of the following:

Wilson Audio DAW
Mágico S3
EgglestonWorks Vigente
Vanderstein Quatro or Kento
Harbeth 40.3 XD

Open box sales on those Harbeths.

I saw that. A great deal. Not really ready to pull the trigger on them yet, I really want to get a chance to listen to the EgglestonWorks higher end speakers first. Hoping that does not mean a visit to Memphis….

Man, I wouldn’t mind a trip to Memphis … Intending to do some Southern roadtrips (but I live in the Florida Panhandle so it’s perhaps more adjacent). I never heard the E-works speakers, but I have many books of images by the infamous Bill Egg.

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They’re related. No I wouldn’t mind a trip to Memphis either - in a bit warmer weather. After buying the entry-level Nico Evo for my office, I really want to hear something higher up in the line for my living room.